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  • How do I get a feature by SA*NT?
    To ensure that the beat has been acquired before emailing us, please email us and we will get in touch with SA*NT.
  • Can my teenager go to a performance?
    Yes, but only if they are between the ages of 14 and 15 and bring an adult companion with them to the concert. 16 year old's and up may attend without a adult.
  • How do I get discounts?
    You'll need to register for one of our plans, with the exception of the gold plan
  • Will their be more songs released on YouTube or Spotify?
    No, we won't we only release to all platform years in advance.
  • Can I listen to the songs free?
    Indeed, you can. As part of the Listener Plan, you can listen for free for three days also if you do not want to sign up there are only nine songs on all platforms.
  • What plan you save the most with?
    Since you'll get everything for free and only need to pay for the subscription every six months, the premium option would be the best option overall.
  • What is the lowest price for a subscription?
    $8.47 a month is the least expensive membership.
  • As a subscriber, where do i find the music and content?
    visit the homepage and choose the music or video logo; albums can also be found on the music page for subscribers.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    navigate to my profile, my subscription choose your plan, then cancel it.
  • Where can I find the discounts?
    Concert discounts will only be offered after the event has been announced as a subscriber-only event.
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